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Fantastic location for a birthday party. Super easy and stress free. Staff doesn’t almost everything for you. They provided a private room, invites and about 4-5 activities for the kids. Highly recommend.
Kelly M.

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Jessa is a great teacher to my grandson. He struggles in English, but she has made it interesting and fun for him. She is very knowledgeable and patient. Her style of teaching engages him and has helped him improve. And he does not dread it so much, which is amazing! I highly recommend her.

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We love the foundry, 6 of my children take classes there art, music, maker labs, preschool classes and even baby classes. They have put so much time and attention to details cant say enough! Oh yeah we had our 3 yr olds birthday there and it was a HUGE success! Thanks imagine Foundry!
Kandy C.

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I love Imagine Foundry with my whole heart! The time and care put into this organization is evident in the joy of every child and volunteer that comes through the door. And it’s educational too!
Mary E.

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Imagine Foundry is a great place for the kids to open their minds and create what they conger up. Seeing the things that they can make are pretty interesting.
Jim R.

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I am delighted Imagine Foundry is willing to offer their original challenge games to the students at our elementary school. The thinking and problem solving involved with participation aligns with the national push for STEM integration. Most importantly, the games are challenging, fact-based, and fun for the participants!
Dr. Jones PSES

Personal Testimonial, Shared in refererence to our Challenge Quests

Munch’s Story

Munch’s family started coming to Imagine Foundry in August of 2020. Nana brings her six grandchildren to Imagine Foundry to experience learning opportunities and to have positive socialization.

Nana is a relative caregiver who has taken custody of her grandchildren to remove them from negative situations. Munch, in particular, lived in fourteen different homes by the time he was eighteen months old. He was born addicted to drugs and witnessed the death of his grandpa as a toddler. When Nana got emergency custody of Munch, he was nearly two years old and could not walk or talk. With much counseling, therapy, and love, Munch is a happy five-year-old boy in kindergarten.

He still struggles with anxiety, behavior outbursts, and overstimulation. Nana says that bringing him to Imagine Foundry has boosted his independence and self-confidence. He takes the Making Mean Machines class and Woodworking Workshops. He has not only learned many new skills, but has improved his fine motor skills and developed a passion for inventing. Nana says that these experiences have inspired Munch to build all the time at home. He has created countless projects and helps his papa put things together for their family.

Imagine Foundry’s goal is to provide these types of learning experiences to all families, despite their family dynamics, backgrounds, or socioeconomic status. Nana’s family is a part of the I.F. Rewards program in which the whole family works to earn points to pay for their programs. After workshops, the kids help to clean Imagine Foundry and do other jobs around the maker lab to get their rewards points. This financial assistance program has helped many of the families at Imagine Foundry be able to afford these opportunities for their children.

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