Summer Workshops

Imagine Foundry’s 2021 Summer Fun Workshops

Do you know a maker who loves DIY, crafting, tinkering, creating, building, art, and/or science? If so, then our Never Ending Summer Workshops are for you!  Browse workshops below, then visit our registration page to reserve your spot.

Daily Schedule


Daily Schedule

Morning Drop-off

7:00 – 8:00 am

Workshop 1

8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Mid-Day Drop-off / Lunch

12:00 -1:00 pm

Workshop 2

1:00 – 5:00 pm

Evening Pick-Up

5:00 – 6:00 pm

Alternate Drop-off and Pick-Up

10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Participant Age Information

*Workshops are recommended for ages 5 – 12. Our workshops are limited to a maximum of 10 participants. We provide a morning and afternoon snack. Any child taking both morning and afternoon workshops should bring a packed lunch. 

*Children ages 1-2 are welcome to attend during workshop times and can participate in age appropriate activities with our “littles” volunteers in the Zip Zing, Kids Place, Rumble Tumble, and Exploring Music rooms. Our littles sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 participants. 

*Children ages 3-4 are welcome to attend during workshop times and will be provided with similar activities that are age and skill appropriate. They can also play in the Zip Zing, Kids Place, and Exploring Music rooms. Our pre-K sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 participants. 

*Teens ages 13+ are welcome to attend workshops as volunteers to help younger children with their projects. They can earn points in our I.F. Rewards program to spend on merch and workshops that interest them. Each workshop is limited to 3 volunteers.

Workshop Rates


Workshop Rates (discount for add’l children & multiple workshops)

Workshops 1-2

Workshops 3-4

Workshops 5-6

Workshops 7-8

Workshops 9-10

1st Child






Add’l Children






Ages 1-4






Important Information

*Sign-up is required for workshops. If you are registering for more than two workshops, a deposit of $25 is required. Payments are due prior to the workshop and if a deposit was made it will be applied towards the total cost. Payments for workshops can be made daily or weekly if you have signed up for multiple sessions.

*Weekly themes and workshops are consecutive, however, every workshop has a different project and can be attended without prerequisites. While it is not necessary to sign up for multiple workshops, it is beneficial to learn the skills taught in each session.

*Some workshops require the use of printing equipment that can take up to several hours. In the case that a student is not able to complete a print during the workshop, Imagine Foundry staff will finish the printing process and have the project available for pick-up. We’ll notify you when your item(s) is ready.

*Financial assistance and our I.F. Rewards program is available. For more information, please contact Jessa by phone  615.784.3332 or email


June 7th – 11th “Nature Quest”

This series of 10 workshops focuses on learning skills to stay safe in nature. From learning how to spot helpful and harmful plants, animals, and insects to finding ways that animals adapt in their environments, this nature study is sure to leave you ready to hit the trail! 

Each day, you’ll focus on a new and interesting component of nature while learning about the critters that live in our area. You’ll get to pack for a hike, set up camp, and make ‘n take several items in the maker lab including a map and map key, a plant or animal plushie, a smash art painting, and a hiking safety kit!

Daily descriptions of activities




June 7

Workshop 1: Plan for a hike. Learn ways to check upcoming weather forecasts, use maps, map keys, and a compass, and ways to communicate on a hike.  Learn the necessities in a backpack when on the trail. Make ‘n take a map and map key of an area you like to visit in nature. 

Workshop 2: Animals on the trail. Study common birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians in middle Tennessee. Make ‘n take a nature painting of your favorite animal or a diorama of its home. 

June 8

Workshop 1: Practice leave no trace principles when playing, hiking, or camping outdoors by the set-up and clean-up of a campsite. Make ‘n take a tri-fold brochure, video, or other item that showcases what you’ve learned about Leave No Trace.

Workshop 2: Identify both harmful and helpful plants on the trail via a botany study. Learn about the anatomy of a plant and dissect a few. Using the remains of the dissected plants, make ‘n take a smash art painting. 

June 9

Workshop 1: Animals’ physical adaptations. Learn about adaptations animals have and make ‘n take an animal with adaptations you design. 

Workshop 2: Animals’ behavioral adaptations. Learn about behavioral adaptations of animals and make ‘n take a nature observation kit to continue your study of animals at home. 

June 10

Workshop 1: Learn outdoor survival skills to help a lost hiker get found. Make ‘n take items that can be used on the trail for safety and to make noise. 

Workshop 2: Identify both harmful and helpful insects on the trail. Make ‘n take a bug catching kit and insect identification booklet. 

June 11

Workshop 1: Apply basic first aid when an injury occurs on the trail. Make ‘n take a small first aid kit. 

Workshop 2: Learn about hiking safety and the best items to have in your pack. Make ‘n take a mini hiking safety kit.

June 14th – 18th

“Astronaut Exploration”

In this 10 workshop exploration of space, you’ll learn facts about Earth, our solar system, and outer space. From studying characteristics of each planet in the solar system to creating a planet of your own, you’ll find out-of-this-world knowledge and fun! 

Every day will bring a new inter-galactic adventure! You’ll get to create a model solar system, make ‘n eat yummy constellations, create pour-painted planets and galactic slime, and make ‘n take a telescope, stomp rocket, and diorama of your planet

Daily descriptions of activities


June 14

Workshop 1: Learn where you are in the world and space – study geography from your community to the globe. Learn about Earth’s place in the solar system and space. Make ‘n take a solar system model. 

Workshop 2: Planets in our solar system – explore differences in temperatures, day and night, and composition of the planets. Make ‘n take pour painted planets pictures. 


Workshop 1: Constellations in the night sky: make ‘n take a constellation viewer and edible constellations, create your own constellation. 

Workshop 2: Create your own galactic slime and constellation artwork. Make ‘n take a telescope for night sky constellation viewing.


Workshop 1: What makes the seasons? Investigate the revolution and rotation of Earth and what makes the seasons. 

Workshop 2: What are moons? Investigate moons of planets and how Earth’s moon causes the tides. 


Workshop 1: Black holes and space rocks exploration – what is a black hole and how do scientists study them? What’s the difference between meteoroids, meteors, and meteorites? Conduct an impact experiment and meteorite investigation. 

Workshop 2: Rockets & spaceships design – Learn about the special materials used to build spaceships, their powerful launch and aerodynamics. Make ‘n take a stomp rocket. 


Workshop 1: It’s your planet – imagine, design, and create a diorama of your planet! Create a plan with all the special features of your planet and bring it to life in the maker lab! 

Workshop 2: Is there life out there? Does your planet have life? Imagine, design, and create a creature that lives on your planet and bring it to life in the maker lab! 

June 21st – 25th “School for International Spies”

Are you ready for 10 weeks of training at Imagine Foundry’s School for International Spies? Recruits complete daily agility training as well as specialized ops to prepare for spying in culturally diverse locations across the globe. You’ll learn about spy agencies worldwide and multiple roles that an agent can have. 

Each workshop offers a new mission and skills to master. You will build your HQ complete with high-tech security, secret codes, and cool gadgets. You’ll create an alternate identity, learn skills in C.S.I., complete A.I.T. in combat, and learn how to use and create ciphers.

Daily descriptions of activities

*Daily agility and self-defense practice


June 21

Workshop 1: Spy Agencies and Team Member Roles: learn what agencies exist in the world and the different jobs spies have. Choose your spy role and which agency you will work for. 

Workshop 2: Headquarters: Every good agency needs an HQ, complete with high-tech security, secret codes, and cool gadgets. With your team, imagine, design, and create your HQ. 


Workshop 1: A spy is a part of his or her environment: create an alias, disguise and learn how to blend into any environment. 

Workshop 2: Field Work Mission: learn how to interact in different global cultures while keeping a field journal and conducting surveillance. 


Workshop 1: Ciphers, codes, and hidden messages: test your skills at deciphering messages and create your own cipher or code language. Investigate tactics to leave hidden messages, such as invisible ink or ultraviolet light pens. 

Workshop 2: Teams create codes, messages, and mystery for other teams to solve. 


Workshop 1: A.I.T. training: prepare for battle by securing your HQ and preparing game rules and tactics. Create targets and practice your marksmanship 

Workshop 2: Battle your opponents in a friendly game of war 


Workshop 1: Team challenges: teams set up agility challenges for one another and try them out. 

Workshop 2: Team missions: teams leave their HQs full of hidden clues and a secret treasure for the other team to investigate using their spy training

June 28th – July 2nd

“Racing Physicists”

Get ready for 10 workshops of intense fun at the amusement park! You’ll get to imagine, design, and create your own amusement park and bring it to life in the maker lab, as a scaled model of course. Test your skills and knowledge in forces, motion, simple machines, and technology as you put together the ultimate amusement park plans. 

Each workshop focuses on a different portion of your amusement park. You will build rides and attractions one by one. You’ll also include features such as a concession stand, tri-fold brochure, video advertising, and more.

Daily descriptions of activities


June 28

Workshop 1: The plan: What makes an amusement park great? Imagine the perfect amusement park and create a park map planning the rides, concession stands, and activities that you’ll have at your amusement park. Learn about scale and how to create a design that is a smaller scale version of the actual amusement park. Create the characters that will test out your amusement park rides. 

Workshop 2: Rides with wheels: investigate what forms of energy makes wheels roll as well as the simple machines that make wheels work. Test out various inventions and designs to create a ride that can roll downhill and uphill. 


Workshop 1: Things that swing: investigate the simple machines and energy required to create a swinging device or amusement park ride. Imagine, design, and create a ride that involves a lever and fulcrum. 

Workshop 2: The Tracks: What makes a good roller coaster track? Imagine, design, and create a coaster that can easily transport a marble from start to finish. 


Workshop 1: Merry-Go-Round and Round: Imagine, design, and create a moving ride similar to a Merry-Go-Round that uses gears and a friction wheel to create motion as you turn a handle. 

Workshop 2: Force of Gravity: What types of rides use gravity to operate? Explore the force of gravity in rides that drop and rides that spin. Imagine, design, and create a ride that uses the force of gravity. 

July 1

Workshop 1: Extra activities: What additional activities are you offering at your amusement park? Imagine, design, and create an activity such as carnival game, arcade, or photography studio for your amusement park. 

Workshop 2: Concession Stand: What food and drink items will be available at  your amusement park? Imagine, design, and create your concessions stand complete with a menu and prices. 


Workshop 1: Amusement park tri-fold: create the perfect advertisement for your amusement park by making a tri-fold brochure that shares all the fun and exciting rides, concessions, and activities people can enjoy at your park! Learn about word processing tools and how to use Canva to create digital content. 

Workshop 2: Amusement park video ad: create a video commercial that showcases the features of your amusement park and explains all the fun and exciting things to do! Learn about videography and how to use a video editing software. 

July 5th – 9th

“Personalize & Craft It!”

This series of 10 workshops focuses on learning skills personalizing fashion and jewelry. From learning how to sew and embroider to using high tech equipment like a vinyl cutter and laser engraver, this crafting class is sure to leave you looking stylish in your customized attire! 

Each day, you’ll focus on a new and interesting skill while making a personalized item in the maker lab. You’ll get to customize a t-shirt, tote bag, pillow, purse, plushie, jewelry, stationary, shoes, hat and more! 

Attend the full week and earn your sewing license!

Daily descriptions of activities


July 5

Cricut Maker

Workshop 1: It’s a tote bag! Customize your tote bag using Cricut Maker to design your stencil and fabric paints to add color and design to your tote. Finish it off with a hand-embroidered signature and any additional bling you want to add in the maker lab. 

Workshop 2: T-Shirt Fashion: Take a regular t-shirt and craft it into a unique garment by adding a custom vinyl print and knotting or crocheting the side seam, back, or bottom seam. 


Digital photography & Sewing 

Workshop 1: Photo Opp – Be the star of this photography session by prepping the props, taking the pics, and doing some editing work. Print your photo and transfer it onto a decorative wood background to use as custom decor in any room! 

Workshop 2: Custom Photo Pillow: Bring a digital copy of your photo or take one with our digital camera and print a custom fabric square to use on your DIY pillow. 



Workshop 1: DIY Purse – Select your interior and exterior fabrics and learn how to sew on a machine to create your customized over-the-shoulder purse! After assembly, you’ll have time to embellish your purse to add a personal touch! You can make this as a gift or for yourself. 

Workshop 2: Perfect Plushie – Make ‘n take a plushie using hand stitching and/or the sewing machine. Customize your plush with accessories in the maker lab, including a mini t-shirt, hat, or scarf.  


Laser Engraver

*Depending on class size, students may have to return to pick up their engraved items. 

Workshop 1: Learn how to create customized stationery using Canva’s graphic design platform and our laser engraver. Get your graphic design etched into your choice of colorful heavy weight cardstock. While the laser engraves your graphic design, make ‘n take customized envelopes in the Donna Bonine Art Studio to match! 

Workshop 2: Create a custom jewelry set or keychain by designing a graphic to be engraved onto a piece of wood. Complete the design with your choice of stain and sealer. Finish your project by adding jewelry or keychain hardware. 


Art-inspired designs 

Workshop 1: Create your custom kicks using your choice of permanent markers, fabric markers, and fabric paints. You can also add embellishments to your personalized shoes using iron-on vinyl designs on the Cricut or other embellishments from JJ’s Crafters Studio. 

Workshop 2: Make ‘n take a customized hat using your choice of media – vinyl via the Cricut Maker, permanent markers, fabric paints, or hand embroidery. Show off those mad skills you’ve learned and imagine, design, and create your personalized hat! 


July 12th – 16th

“Scientists Exploration”

In this 10 workshop exploration of different branches of science, you’ll learn facts about Earth, its life past and present, and the molecules that it’s composed of. From studying ancient artifacts and fossils to exploring life in the ocean, you’ll experiment like a scientist while having fun! 

Every day will bring a new branch of science to study! You’ll get to create landforms and edible rocks, make ‘n take artifacts and rock art, create a time capsule, dissect an owl pellet, excavate a dinosaur skeleton, learn about SONAR and hydrography, and make chemical reaction powered rockets!

Daily descriptions of activities


July 12

Workshop 1: Geologist Pt 1 – In this session, you’ll explore like a geologist by digging for rocks and conducting tests to discover what types of rocks and minerals you’ve found. Investigate further by learning about types of rocks and how they form in an edible experiment. You’ll also learn about landforms in the Upper Cumberland area, how they formed, and the types of rocks and minerals most prevalent. Make ‘n take a custom model of the Upper Cumberland landforms constructed from clay and other materials around the maker lab. 

Workshop 2: Geologist Pt 2 – In this session, you’ll investigate the formation of rocks even further. We’ll go deep into Earth to discover the layers it’s composed. You’ll explore volcanoes and earthquakes, conducting experiments to better understand how each function. We’ll also study how weathering and erosion shape the landscape and things that we can do to help Earth stay strong and healthy for future generations. 


Workshop 1: Archaeologist Pt 1 – Begin our archaeologist exploration with a mystery to solve and an ancient civilization to discover! You’ll be on an adventure to locate hidden treasures, put together the pieces of broken artifacts, and interpret a prehistoric language. We’ll also make our own artifacts and ancient rock art using methods of our ancestors. Make ‘n take a time capsule of artifacts to bury with your family for future generations to discover and learn about you!  

Workshop 2: Archaeologist Pt 2 – Further your archaeologist talents by practicing your excavation techniques. You’ll explore the art of excavation through a series of field tests – one of which includes eating delicious cookies! Team up and discover how to document and map out your archaeological dig site carefully and thoroughly so that every artifact is noted and the knowledge of the original site is preserved prior to excavation. You’ll have fun digging up artifacts as well as creating them and making a “dig site” for your peers to explore. 


Workshop 1: Paleontologist Pt 1 – Investigate the history of life on Earth via a fossils exploration. You’ll learn about the first fossils discovered as well as famous fossils around the world. We’ll investigate how to find fossils, types of fossils and how they’re made, and we’ll even make some of our own fossil examples using multiple methods. 

Workshop 2: Paleontologist Pt 2 – Using owl pellet dissection as a learning tool, you’ll discover first-hand how a paleontologist reconstructs past organisms to get clues as to when, where, and how they lived. You’ll conduct other investigations of fossils we’ve found and make hypotheses as to what living organism made the fossil and when, where, and how the organism lived. Work together with your peers to excavate a dinosaur skeleton replica in our mock excavation site. Carefully reveal each bone using your excavation tools and work together to assemble the skeleton piece by piece. 


Workshop 1: Marine Biologist Pt 1 – Begin by learning what a marine biologist is and what they do. Explore the ocean by learning about ocean zones, ocean currents, and the plants and animals that live in each. Investigate how SONAR technology works and the art of hydrography. Explore the tools that marine biologists use to study and navigate the ocean. 

Workshop 2: Marine Biologist Pt 2 – Travel with us (using our imaginations, of course!) to the Great Barrier Reef of Australia and study the marine life of the reef. We’ll explore some specific plants and animals there while giving you the option to select a plant or animal that inspires you! We’ll make ‘n take custom artwork, plushies, and a diorama centered around the plant or animal of your choice and the Great Barrier Reef. 


Workshop 1: Chemist Pt 1 – Explore all the ways that chemical reactions and create cool, messy, and insane experiments! We’ll begin with the basics of mixing reactants and investigate the products produced. We’ll use powers of observation and investigation to reveal the identity of a mystery powder and liquid. You will also use powerful reactions to launch rockets and power cars! (Chemical reaction powered vehicles are conducted outside. Alternative activities will be provided if we cannot safely conduct experiments outside due to inclement weather.) 

Workshop 2: Chemist Pt 2 – Explore density and learn measurements critical for any chemist by conducting experiments that investigate the densities of different liquids. Host a marble race and make ‘n take your own lava lamp. You’ll also have fun using chemistry to make ‘n take your own alum crystals! See if you can build a huge crystal to use as a decoration or make small crystals to turn into a jewelry or keychain pendant.  

July 19th – July 23rd

“Woodworking & Building”

Get ready for 10 workshops of intense tools & construction! You’ll get to imagine, design, and create several items in Papaw’s Woodworking Studio. Test your skills and knowledge in using hand tools and power tools as you put together a variety of woodworking projects in the maker lab. 

Each workshop focuses on a different set of skills from using hand tools to building bigger projects with power tools. You will items from a wall clock and pull toys to a ball blaster and locking storage box. Make ‘n take an item in every workshop! 

Attend all week & earn your woodworking license!

Daily descriptions of activities


July 19 – hand tool basics

Workshop 1: Learn the basics of hand-tools by building a keychain or mask holder. Master the skills of measurement, cutting, planing, sanding and finishing your wood piece to be the backdrop for your keychain or mask holder. Practice hammering nails by adding a cool string art design and show off your ability to use a screwdriver by adding hanging hooks to your project. This wall-hanging rack will be a great addition to any entryway or room. 

Workshop 2: Practice your skills in measurement, project design, cutting and finishing by building wood miniatures. Your imagination is the limit with this project, as you can imagine, design, and create any miniature scene, toys, or props that inspire you. Examples include basic dollhouse furniture, a woodland scene, a miniature landscape with houses and/or barns, or a miniature skate park to practice your fingerboard skills! Once you’ve got your wood miniature glued together, you can use JJ’s Crafters Studio or Donna Bonine Art Studio to decorate and finish your Project. 


Workshop 1: Create a custom wall clock by designing a graphic to be wood burned onto a piece of wood. Complete the design with your choice of stain and sealer. Finish your project by adding a clock movement mechanism, clock hands, and other hardware.

Workshop 2: Choose your project: Toy Rocket, Boat, or Animal. Using the skills we’ve learned so far, you’ll create the individual parts, decorate them, and then assemble them to create your choice of toy or decoration. Project pieces and plans will be provided for a toy rocket, boat, or animal; although, participants are encouraged to imagine, design, and create their own uniquely inspired projects. 

21 – Scroll saw and Drill press skills

Workshop 1: Imagine, design, and create your own pull-toy! Make for yourself or as a gift and create a pull-toy that is adorable and unique! You can choose to create a train, car, animal, or other item using a 2-D pattern, the scroll saw, and a drill press. Learn about making moving toys using wheels and axles and choose the type of system you want on your project. Finish with a design using paints, permanent markers, or another finish you choose from available options. 

Workshop 2: Put your skills to the test by creating this rubber-band powered ball blaster! Using the scroll saw and drill press, you can craft the parts needed to assemble this cool ball blaster! We’ll equip you with the rubber bands and plastic balls to test your blaster once the parts are assembled and dry! 

22 – Building Bigger

Workshop 1: Make ‘n take a custom step stool. You can cut and assemble the parts and pieces needed to make a step stool. Add your artful touch by choosing the finish you’d like on your step stool using Donna Bonine Art Studio, JJ’s Crafters Studio, or customize on the laser engraver or wood burner. 

Workshop 2: Bigger projects can be more challenging and require bigger tools. We’ve learned to use both hand tools and power tools up to this point. We’ll need these skills to imagine, design, and create a storage box. Make ‘n take your own storage box, complete with a lock and key! We’ll help with the plans and assembly process, you customize the finishing touches that make this locking storage box uniquely yours! 

23 – Master Class – show your skills

Workshop 1: Choose between making a birdhouse or bug hotel for your backyard. You’ll need to use your skills in measurement and planning, cutting and finishing, and building in order to create the perfect home for beneficial critters in your area.  

Workshop 2: You choose a project that you’d like to make using the skills that you’ve learned. Projects must be approved by the instructor and have a plan in advance if additional materials may be needed. 

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