Imagine Foundry Academy

All children are capable of achieving greatness

Give them opportunity, agency, and resilience. 

Accepting applications for children ages 4-12 by August 2021. Participating children will be registered with the state as homeschoolers. This is not a school, rather, an educational enrichment program designed to support homeschooled children.

Give your child:

*resources to make new discoveries

*opportunities to design, build, and construct their imagined ideas

*a safe place to make mistakes and find solutions.

Our Mission:

To help each child find a passion by being imaginative, creative, and innovative; developing confidence, determination, and resilience; and having agency to build a better world.

Important Information

Imagine Foundry Academy 2021-2022 Calendar


Important Dates

Day of the Week


August 2


First Day!

September 6


Labor Day – Closed

October 4 – 15

Mon – Fri

Fall Break – Academy Closed

(Maker Lab workshops available) 

November 24 – 26

Wed – Fri

Thanksgiving – Closed

December 20 – 31

Mon – Fri

Winter Break – Academy Closed

(Maker Lab workshops available) 

March 14 – 18

Mon – Fri

Spring Break – Academy Closed

(Maker Lab workshops available) 

May 27


Last Day of 21-22 Academic Year

(Maker Lab Summer Programs available)

Imagine Foundry Academy 2021-2022 Payment Schedule


Due Date

Amount (first child)

Amount (additional children)

August 1, 2021



September 1, 2021



October 1, 2021



November 1, 2021



December 1, 2021



January 1, 2022



February 1, 2022



March 1, 2022



April 1, 2022



May 1, 2022



Play and Learning Structure

Our uniquely designed curriculum is based on Montessori, experiential, and constructivist theories. We nurture natural curiosity and all learning styles.

*Independent and play-based exploration

*Multi-age grouping and collaboration

*Flexibility to allow children to grow & learn at their pace



Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8am – 2pm

Tuesday, Thursday, and afternoon add-on options

Read about our:


A Learner-Centered Environment

Support for each learner’s unique talents; encouragement for every learner to make discoveries; opportunities to design, build, and construct; and a safe place to make mistakes and find solutions.

Creativity and Innovation

Access to knowledge, skills, and resources to use their imaginations; purposeful opportunities to be creative and innovative; mixed age groupings to think critically and solve problems together.

Opportunity and Accessibility 

Growth of learners’ passions and love for learning; hands-on learning for the 21st century; varied approaches to teaching and learning; environments supportive of any background, culture, or ability. 

Resilience and Mindfulness

Development of social-emotional skills such as awareness and confidence; values of character and stewardship; openness to ideas and change; willingness to collaborate and work together.

Core Beliefs
  • Education is not one-size-fits all and children should be encouraged to explore their passions

  • Character matters and children should be given the opportunities to develop trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

  • All children are capable of accomplishing their goals and achieving greatness.

Promises to Your Child
  • Begin a path to lifelong learning.

  • Find his or her passions and talents

  • Build character, resilience, and agency

  • Develop independence, confidence, and determination

  • Value a healthy lifestyle, good stewardship, and freedoms

  • Treasure nature, the arts, and life’s many wonders

  • Learn skills and knowledge to build a better world

Commitment to Your Family
  • Flexibility via our hybrid model and scheduling options.

  • Benefits of homeschooling without the full-time commitment.

  • Voice and participation in your child’s educational journey.

  • Access to coworking spaces, extracurricular activities, and additional workshops.

  • Financial support via our volunteer opportunities and sponsorships.

  • Peace of mind knowing that you are supported in nurturing your child’s growth and development.

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Let Your Imagination Run Wild